VTEM skitter

Shielding its members from exploitation and victimization by the management

VTEM skitter

Provide legal assistance during legal suits or disciplinary matters

VTEM skitter

Educational programs for members that expose them to their rights at workplace

Become a member and enjoy benefits of civil servants

The trade union of choice for all civil servants

Our mandate

  • Ensure complete organization of workers within civil the service in Kenya
  • Promote, improve and protect the welfare of members
  • Foster unity and nurture a culture of solidarity amongst all members
  • Promote professional development of union leaders and entire membership
  • Ensure safe and healthy work places
  • Keep enlightened membership and union leadership
  • Increase participation of women, youth and workers with special needs in union...Read More

Why Join Us?

  • Guaranteed job security.
  • Protection against by employer.
  • Improved  terms and conditions of service...Read More

Resources / Downloads

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